Does anyone have experience with the Philips BioTel (Heart) MCOT, 30 days heart monitoring? I’m having trouble with the tape as nothing is allowed to be put on skin prior to placing it (during consultation they said to skip the skin scrubbing so it doesn’t stick as hard, but I’m wondering if rubbing just a if tiny bit of hydrocortisone or something else for protection would actually change the effectiveness of the stickers and readings? I’m waiting for new special stickers to arrive that are supposed to be for extra sensitive skin, but they might not come in before Tuesday due to holiday weekend (in US). For now I have the regular sensitive stickers that came with the kit and those are brutally bruising within a couple of hours of use. Removal was even worse. Thank you! 🦓

Posted by lior at 2022-09-03 03:26:28 UTC