Hi everyone, I’m freya 25y/o and have ADHD as well as EDS. I’ve been struggling with instability and joint pain for 10 years before getting the official hypermobility diagnosis last year. Since then I have been more in tune with my body and know it’s limitations and weaknesses. After studying glassblowing at uni, the constant pain now makes sense!! Having got into yoga and Pilates has really helped but struggle with consistency! I have been trying to release and strengthen intuitively according to pain but then get overwhelmed and can’t keep up with exercises long enough for them to make much difference. Having found this programme, I could almost cry with relief at FINALLY having a support system and step by step progression ready for me aaaaaah!!!! I feel very isolated in my day to day pain experience because I have to go at my own pace which is often so different than my friends, and generally people don’t know how to respond and support me when I’m having a flare up period, can anyone relate to this? I’ve found also because my body is very fragile, I become more introverted and have much less social stamina. Or in social situations my focus is not all there because I’m being distracted by body sensations and feel more disconnected from reality Do any of you have ADHD? I have discovered through research to be a really interesting overlap between neurodivergence and hypermobility Apologies for the essay, just realllly excited to be here with you all and get started on retraining my body n brain!!!!!!

Posted by freya-bernard at 2022-09-05 10:44:39 UTC