AN INVITATION to OLDER ZEBRAS "approaching" or "in the MENOPAUSE" MEET-UP REMINDER for our subgroup is below. [If you'd like to join the group, please go to ZEBRAS - Find the "Meet Zebras in the Menopause" subgroup - Request to JOIN.] HOPE TO SEE YOU TOMORROW! DETAILS & LINK BELOW... Sat. Sept 24th 10am CDT US / 4pm UK Meeting ID: 808 043 7022 Passcode: Jill A chance to talk "live" (or simply listen in) to fellow older Zebras in the group. General Zebra Club Questions? HRT? Changes in our EDS symptoms? The myriad of symptoms? What is working for you? Look forward to seeing you online tomorrow!

Posted by jillw at 2022-09-23 16:39:14 UTC