Hi all! I’m so happy to join this community. My oldest son was diagnosed with hEDS this summer and is going to get genetic testing for classical EDS. I have fibromyalgia treated by a rheumatologist. My son encouraged me to have the rheumatologist do a test for hEDS for me and she confirmed it. As I’ve look at the signs and symptoms it has explained so many things I’ve noticed about myself since I was a child and never knew why. My mother had many signs of EDS also but again it was nothing we knew existed. I’m looking forward to finding a path to a better quality of life for me. I’ve tried so many other methods attempting to improve my pain levels and overall health but now know some of the things I did likely caused more harm than good. This resonates with me and gives me hope.

Posted by mogcon at 2022-09-26 23:12:53 UTC