Hi everyone 😃 I’ve been doing the hip stability class posted on YouTube quite a bit since it’s been up. @Jeannie Di Bon talked a lot about tight muscles pulling things out of place - in the video allowing the sacrum to drop to where it’s supposed to be was mentioned. My physio always tells me my sacrum moves around a lot. It can elevate upwards on the right or left side, creating pain all the way up to that same shoulder or neck. Are there any suggestions on how to get the sacrum to drop to a neutral position? Is there a class I’m missing that could help? Will strengthening the hips/pelvis as a whole help? I think I’ve come to realize that that instability is a big source of a lot of my pain all together. Thanks!

Posted by Katlynnicole96 at 2022-09-28 05:16:57 UTC