Hello Everyone!! My name is Julie and I am so grateful to be here!! I am a new member and looking for advice on nutrition and nerve pain relief. Recently diagnosed at 44 after a major Graves Disease and EDS flare left me bed ridden for months. I was once a director of operations for a Fortune 500 company, but have completely changed my life to change my life as I know the chronic stress and demands have negatively impacted my condition. I used to wonder all the time why I couldn’t do what the other kids, teens, moms, women seemed to do with ease. I pushed and pushed myself most of my life trying to keep up with everyone else, always thinking there was something wrong with me, now I know why. I’ve sat with this diagnosis for quite sometime and I have apologized and thanked my body for all it’s done and for all the pushing I’ve done to it my whole life. I’m still dealing with a lot of coat hanger pain and extreme tension in the head, neck and shoulders. Hoping to learn from fellow Zebras 🦓 ❤️. My goal is to life the best quality of life I can! Sending you all much love and gratitude!

Posted by spoering4 at 2022-10-03 23:23:37 UTC