Venting here (warning: 1st world problem)… I’m away on my own on holiday/vacation, visiting a beautiful museum, but haven’t even gotten thru the first exhibition other than to sit down with a coffee & snack 😟. My feet ache badly (probably from the walking yesterday) and I’m so tired, even though I slept almost 7 hrs last night (probably from going out late last night & going to bed past midnight). I’m no spring chicken but I last was here about 2 yrs ago & I was fine. True, it was before my hEDS flared up & got diagnosed, yet I resent my body failing me. I’m trying to enjoy the little pleasures, like eating a tasty pastry (which I paid for with a post nasal drip), or even just enjoying quality time to myself. It’s just a bit challenging. P.S. Getting up, I realized my feet went numb and I could hardly move them. Gave me an anxiety attack & I had to breathe deeply to get thru it.

Posted by Leelee at 2022-10-10 16:16:22 UTC