Hi everyone, I think it's great how people support each other here and I also have a question: I have a knife-like electrical pain in my chest. It's sensitive to touch and I can't get to contract it properly. It swells up when I put weight on it. I knew right away that it was a new type of pain for me (nerve pain). With Pregaballin, the pain is almost gone and I can control the chest. Trigger: During push-ups, there was a lashing in the transition from the upper chest to the arm. Since then I have had pain in my armpit + chest and a loss of strength. In addition, my shoulder + shoulder blade have been unstable since then and I occasionally have numbness in my hand. I assume that nerves were overstretched/compressed. Several examinations did not reveal anything (nerve conduction velocity, electromyography, ultrasound, nerve MRI of the brachial plexus etc., MRI of the chest, MRI of the shoulder), so no doctor believes me. It gets better with training (lower trapezius etc.) but requires strong attention and permanent training. I have scoliosis and my spine goes to the left in the chest area, so it is actually clear that the shoulder blade cannot be properly fixed there. When I release blockages in the chest area more often, there is no stability left at all, which is really a bit scary. I am completely on my own with this and a bit overwhelmed, after all I want to prevent further nerve damage. Maybe someone has an idea for further examinations that should be conducted or can recommend exercises/ deals with similar issues. I am very thankful for any advice. I am male and have hEDS. I only know about this condition for about 3 months and read/watch any literature/ video i can find. Before this accident i was athletic and only had minor Problems. I got an cruciate ligament surgery on the opposite knee many years ago. The knee did not developed that well after the surgery so i had to deal with occasionall pain and imbalances. Thanks in advance and please excuse any grammatical errors. I am not a native English speaker.

Posted by dennis.beer at 2022-10-12 13:10:07 UTC