Hi all. I’m Kaz and I’m new to the Zebra Club. Really liking it so far and have started with the foundations and the starter programme. I was diagnosed with JHS in 2014 but have had symptoms since childhood. Since moving to a more sedentary job and generally a sedentary lifestyle I have noticed the aches and pains more than before. After working on my fitness during the lockdowns, I had emergency bowel surgery last year and de conditioned a lot. After having Covid this year I de conditioned some more and have been struggling with back pain, sciatica and mal tracking of my right knee cap. When I’ve had flare ups before I’ve usually rested, had some specific physio for the problem joint of the moment, then got back into things quite quickly, however this flare up has been much more prolonged. This has finally given me the kick I’ve needed to properly learn about my JHS and look after myself and my joints better. I’ve been reading lots of material, started physiotherapy (although I’ve had a lot of that over the years) and have found the zebra club. Now I’m starting to feel a lot more optimistic about my journey wherever that journey takes me. Just thought I’d say hello and introduce myself 😄

Posted by Kaz at 2022-10-13 09:47:16 UTC