Good morning everyone! I’m completely new to this app and group, but thoroughly loving all the honest conversations and support everyone shows here. I was struggling to get out of bed to 3 doctors apt today, but you all gave me the strength to do it. So I thought I’d leave this encouragement here: Even though every day is hard for us, harder than many other people around us, we are surviving. We are waking up every day with pain, fatigue, brain fog, dislocations, mass cell issues, etc, all sorts of things normal people can’t even imagine. And that’s an accomplishment all on its own. Update several hours later: I had a mini breakdown in the hallway outside the doctor’s office due to pain. Like 8 men walked past me without saying anything, but a nurse got me a wheelchair and helped. I hate feeling weak, hate that I’m the youngest person here, and I have to have a walker or wheelchair, have to rely on others. But that’s okay…. Emotions are allowed to exist, we’re allowed to be “weak” and to lean on others. Because our worth is not based on our contributions to others. We deserve all the supports we need. We are all worthy because we exist.

Posted by RachelKatya at 2022-10-13 13:33:02 UTC