Zebra-friendly women's professional clothes? I haven't needed to wear professional/business casual clothes regularly in quite a while, and I need to find some outfits. However, I've never been great with sourcing clothes (a coworker literally remarked once that I should be on the show "What not to wear"), but I have several additional factors (below) limiting my options. In addition, in the US at least, all of the department stores seem to be selling exclusively yoga pants and variations of stretchy leggings as "professional slacks" nowadays (which are usually really unsightly if you're not open to wearing shapewear or can't find many really long tops to wear over)? I literally can't find any in-person stores selling slacks that are stable, hanging/draping fabric (khaki, cotton, linen?) instead of stretchy, and it has similarly always been a problem to find women's tops that are not tight/stretchy material. In addition: *My size is usually right on the border between misses/traditionally-available sizes and women/plus-size range if they even offer that *Brands which offer non-clingy plus-size tops seem to design them exclusively in loud colors with busy designs instead of any solid colors or neutral options? *Fixed waist bands often cause GI trouble as my waist fluctuates a lot with my GI issues and water processing hormone abnormalities *Unfortunately, I don't like skirts and dresses and just don't feel like myself in them. So, looking for pants and tops. *Totally up for some long tops to wear over leggings, just can't find any in my size that do not end up looking like a giant baby doll dress *I am open to variable or elastic waist band as long as it does not broadcast this fact, like visibly shirred/puckered parts on the band. *Elastic ending on sleeve cuffs aggravates my skin/MCAS *I can sew and can modify a bit if the piece is close enough! Any brands that y'all like? (Also, I'm in Texas so can't use very many cold weather pieces, but layers are great!) :) *Photo from Sarah Andersen's hilarious "Big Mushy Happy Lump" book

Posted by Deleted (05fee404) at 2022-10-16 14:40:29 UTC