Im really struggling with bladder pain and wondered if anyone has any suggestions? Its so confusing and frustrating. Ive had numerous tests which are negative, so no infection or anything. For 14 days over Xmas it completely disapeared? I keep a food diary as I know certain foods can trigger interstital cystitis but nothing in my diet has changed really. Also I used to take 1000mg of vitamin c a day to help prevent bruising but I stopped as I read this could irritate the bladder. Now I am also worried about not having enough vitamin c? And should you do all exercises if youre having bladder problems? I think I have a very tense pelvic floor, which often feels better after most classes but some things like curl ups make it hurt. When it went away for 2 weeks I was doing classes everyday though? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thankyou

Posted by rosannavioletta1 at 2022-01-09 16:06:00 UTC