Hi friends, I have begun looking into Red light & Near Infra red light therapy, often called, "Photo Bio Modulation Therapy or PBMT for short. It used to be called Low-level light therapy ( LLLT). It's gaining a ton of tracktion lately for helping with numerous issues, from pain relief to improved wound healing time, to slowing down aging of the skin, to improving astro issues, to helping with dry eye, bootsing mood, improving sleep, regrowing hair. I am thinking of purchasing a large panel and possibly a helmet for brain recovery after my stroke and TBI. Has anyone heard or looked into PBMT for hEDS by chance? I'll bet it could help us in lots of ways but wanted to ask my fellow zebras first as I begin to research. Thank you in advance! Essentially the red light light is long enough to penetrate to the mitochondria of our cells and energize them to fix themselves and/or create new ones.

Posted by maureenosullivan at 2022-10-18 02:17:27 UTC