I wanted to say how much I appreciate this club. It wasn't until TZC that I really started to heal from the sadness of having HSD, even after years of therapy. I was sad and angry, and after joining, I've been able to accept it. I love this community. On a more personal note, I was part of a huge lay off at work and strained my neck all in the same week last week. It's been really hard on me especially because of the amount of energy required to find a new job (and find one that will work with me being ill a lot). The classes have been one of the few things to give me a sense of peace right now. I also get happy seeing how supportive you all are towards each other. I joined the meetup today, and it's so nice all being connected on something that has caused me so much pain. I also have a ton of medical trauma so this place has been very healing for me. In all, thank you. 🙏❤️ P.S. I have never posted something so personal on social media. I've never had a safe space - so also, thank you!

Posted by joannacar at 2022-10-20 23:58:26 UTC