Guys, I'm having a bit of a bummer of a week. An unexpected number of essential items have decided to die all at the same time. All of which facilitate me living a normal life like My daughter's bed - was cheap and has broken! My washing machine is only 2 months old but just broken and the system to get the mechanic in to fix it seems to be extraordinarily complex and designed to not help their customers. So I am going backwards and forward to the laundrette Which locally you cannot park outside so I have to walk carrying heavy bags which is hurting me, every few days making pacing almost impossible. My car has died having spent the last couple of weeks in and out of the garage. I've been told those about any more money on this. Just get a new one. I thought I would have a week or two of limping on to source the new car until it just stopped in the middle of the road this morning. Scary! Got a hire car. Need to sort the RAC to recover the other one. Got to buy a new one ASAP We live in a village and I can't walk anywhere. I had a doctor's appointment this week which was great actually and have got several good outcomes for it for both myself and my daughter but I stayed up so late for several nights prepping for it, now shattered... Everyone in the family has a cold, My little Zebra daughter is at the end of term so fatigue is at a high high level and she's been having more aches and pains than usual. Possibly starting early puberty. And my preschooler son is just reacting to all of my stress and exhaustion and being demanding in ways that only 3-year-olds can be 'give me more of you mummy'' I actually booked a babysitter for today so that I can get on top of some of the admin related to the above but she cancelled.. It's too much all at once.. Rant over 🙄 Here I am asking for some help. The car issue. My current car is a Mazda Bongo van which unexpectedly was excellent in terms of posture and driving position for my body. It's got a very upright seated position and is automatic, both of which seem to suit my hips and low back much better than any other car I've ever had. I really don't need a camper van anymore but would like the big boot space. Does anybody know of any makes and models of car that have a similar type of upright seating position plus a big boot? And automatic gearbox. To accommodate kids bikes and probably a small mobility scooter for me in the future. Mini car like van? I don't know about cars.. anybody found anything that really suits them? Thanks for reading this far XX

Posted by rachaelr at 2022-10-21 10:18:39 UTC