I have a new set of symptoms that I don’t understand and it doesn’t match anything on google. My GP is, as always, clueless and making no effort to help me. Even after two visits due to the severe pain. So I thought I might ask in here in case anyone else has experienced anything similar, to maybe put me on the right track of figuring it out. -7 days ago I had some pain in my hip/lower back after I got up in the morning. Went away after some rest. -the next night I woke around 5 with strong pain inside/outside pelvis, lower stomach and lower back. The pain slowly went away and I was fine by lunch. Painfree in afternoon and evening. -Night 3 with same thing happening, but the pain was now excrutiating. Painkillers. By afternoon the pain was gone. -Night 4-7 same thing again, but with decreased pain. Pain completely gone after lunch every day, except soreness in the muscles. I have IBS/SIBO and possibly mold problems. Go to the toilet regularly every morning. The symptoms started on day 2 of period, but my period is now over but not the pain. I have no infection in my body as per CRP, and no bladder infection (+1 lycocytes in urine). What in the … is going on? Has anyone else had this kind of »sleep triggered» pelvic/lower stomach pain? It is like nothing else I have ever experienced. It seems to me that it is muscular, primary or secondary. What could be occurring during the night/sleep that causes this?

Posted by Grethe H at 2022-10-25 08:47:10 UTC