HI all, I did one of the new audio meditations yesterday - the breathing one. I’ve had really great response to it quite quickly. I had to adapt it as I am in ‘micro-titration’ zones with my body & nervous system and doing it straight through would be too fast. I paused after each breathing position and stayed in that position just letting the sensation settle in before pressing play and moving on to the next one, once i felt no ‘agitation’ (that took 1 or 2 minutes for me - and longer after the side breathing one.) In the hours after and into the next day my mid and upper thorax/rib area is softer in breath, definitely. The practice also helped me notice I don’t breathe into my upper thorax region very well at all. It’s been collapsed/compressed for years so I guess that’s predictable. Thank you Jeannie - these audio only ones are great! No wondering if i need to look at the screen to see if I’m doing something remotely close to what you are :)

Posted by barbara at 2022-10-25 19:37:54 UTC