Hi everyone, I am glad to have found this space! I was after some advice really….i was diagnosed with BJHS (benign joint hypermobility syndrome) although i feel i meet the criteria for hEds. I just sometimes feel that i am not being tough enough and worry that how i am feeling is all in my head. I have problems with my back and knees and hips (both pregnancies i ended up in a wheelchair). I have fatigue and get completely wiped out, working in the hospital is exhausting me, i ache everywhere and have to take painrelief to function and if i have a busy day then it takes me days to recover. I am also suffering with 2 prolapses after my children. Is that how every 33 year old feels after working all day and are my symptoms in my head and im not trying hard enough. I find it hard to try and explain to family and friends how old my body feels as i dont know what is normal. Sorry for the rant

Posted by Deleted (9e1300c5) at 2022-10-25 19:45:16 UTC