Binge watching Finding Your Range so, one episode every 2-3 days - #pacing😀 Dropping some favourite thoughts/insights to carry forward. Things I want to hold or need reminders/nutshells for ☺️ S1E3 “Why the foot?”, with Gary Ward “If you’re moving your body at speed … you’re basically going to move in your fixed patterns. If you want to undo your fixed patterns, your movement has to be really really slow and really really specific and really on point. And when I say ‘on point’ - we’re putting up boundaries limitations and we’re not over compensating in one place to get the movement elsewhere. “ He also said a lovely phrase towards the end: “to shift our approach from working *on our body to working *with our body.” S1E5 “Every Breath You Take”, w Ana Barretxeguren “…tidal motions of our insides” 🥰 there are some things (muscles?) that can only be rehabilitated “through the subconscious”. What an incredible conversation with Ana, @Jeannie Di Bon. And the breath work at the end has arrived for me at a really poignant time. Quite a synchronicity. Also, how superbly happy you look at the end, Jeannie, really enhances the therapeutic effect in multiple ways. 👏🏼👏🏼 I smile for hours after (I’ve watched it a few times now) Thanks so much for bringing Ana’s perspective and experience into the Zebra context #breath #breathwork #findingyourrange #heartmassage

Posted by barbara at 2022-10-27 04:02:11 UTC