How many of you have medical trauma? I had my yearly check-up, and for weeks now, I was extremely anxious. Every year, my doctor praises me for how “healthy and young” I am. I kept replaying in my mind what I would say when I was there. I would ask her for an accommodation form for work, and I would explain to her how hypermobility affects me. Today came and after close to a panic attack from all the anticipation, she started the conversation about how great my health is. I cried. I told her that I cannot consider myself healthy if I spend most of my day fatigued and in pain. I asked her for the accommodation form and even brought some articles, and was rejected. In the insurance network, the general physician is the only person allowed to write these. I’m not too sad about the form as I will ask my osteopath (who is outside of the network). I feel sad about the trauma I have. I always feel like I need to have my “1 minute elevator pitch on why hypermobility is hard for me.” I’m tired of not being seen because I look healthy and of being my own advocate and always needing to educate doctors and friends on hypermobility. I always feel like I need to “defend” or “justify” for being hypermobile while fearing rejection. Anyways, I do have 2 great doctors (ortho & osteopath) who specialize in EDS outside of my insurance network, but I just wanted to share this in case some of you also feel traumatized with the medical system or in general don’t feel seen. Both of them plus TZC is what gives me hope. <3 I’m so thankful to have all of you, and know this is a safe space and that we share a lot of the same experiences. #trauma

Posted by joannacar at 2022-10-27 19:53:51 UTC