Hello, Do you think 30 minutes of deep muscle training daily is too much? Of course I know the motto less is more and I wonder if less would be more effective. I recently had Covid and only trained 2-3 times a week afterwards and had a "better muscle feeling". But maybe it was just because I couldn't do anything for 10 days before and the muscle tone came back slowly. I usually do 3 exercises from the following selection: Side Plank, Glute Bridge, Dead Bug, Bird Dog, Hollow Body Hold, Standing Scale + Band Row, Wall Sit, Goblet Squat. 30 minutes feels perfect. I'm "euphoric" afterwards, not exhausted, and I don't get a crash in the long run. So my feeling actually tells me that this fits. Additionally I just do 10.000 steps every day and a class of TZC every day and some cardio occasionally.

Posted by dennis.beer at 2022-11-02 14:30:53 UTC