Raise your hand if you’re part of a nationality/culture/some other people group that does not support ongoing medical journeys whole heartedly - physical and/or mental. I had a relative of mine tell me the other day that they understand going to a therapist for a limited amount of time, like 3 months, for something specific, but not ongoing therapy (as I’ve been doing). I’m not upset at them, but my knee-jerk reaction was 😳. I patiently explained to them that some people need something temp & other more permanent, and that I’ve actually come a long way and can handle my anxiety so much better these days, w/ CBT, breathing exercises, and other ways (TY, TZC!), but they didn’t get it, saying: “I’ve got 1-2 very close friends that I talk to & they to me, and they’re like my therapists.” 🙄 They’re not the only 1 in my fam (though others either support me or don’t jab at me), like a sibling of mine who doesn’t get why I speak up about hEDS & anxiety. 😕 Anyway, thx for letting me vent 😊 #culturaldifferences #dontjudgeme #live&letlive

Posted by Leelee at 2022-11-02 23:11:38 UTC