Here is little overview of how I started on TZC. I stopped twice. Then I watched Jeannie podcasts, the meet ups, read loads of posts. Then for the 3rd time of starting I just lay on the floor 2mins 3 times a day. Started working through foundations for about 4 wks, slowly moved onto mindfulness class. Then I started to break classes down, ie it took me about 3 to 4 weeks to bring unwind the pelvis class together, still not full reps just full class. 18months on I kinda work the same with a new class for me. When I started I was struggling to walk 10metres was told need to get use to this being my normal, yesterday I walked 1 mile, did 4 classes, today iv just finished cleaning the windows something iv not done for about 4 years & done a reduced class. Thankyou to you all πŸ™. #starting #iansjourney

Posted by ian at 2022-11-04 14:39:56 UTC