Reminder of the regular meetings that take place here in TZC - all included as part of your subscription. - monthly whole group meetings hosted by me and often with an expert guest speaker. This month we’re joined by Natasha Lipman - monthly new members meet ups hosted by one of our Ambassadors - answering your questions on how to get started - sub-group meetings - hosted quarterly by the Ambassadors. If you haven’t joined one of the subgroups too, these are focussed into different areas like parenting, menopause, men, teenagers and so on. - zoomies - take a class with other members on zoom hosted by our Ambassador Heather. She runs several classes throughout the week. These are all on zoom & open to join. I wanted to give a huge thanks to our team of Ambassadors who volunteer to run these extra support group meetings. They are there to be facilitators and allow our members to meet others with similar age group / interest. Remember - these are volunteer meetings and our Ambassadors are volunteers too. They are not medically trained and cannot give out medical advice. But they are brilliant at facilitating conversations. Hope you’ve been enjoying them. Hope to see you for our next whole group meet up.

Posted by Jeannie Di Bon at 2022-11-06 10:13:45 UTC