Hello all! So I come from a background of working out with weights (not powerlifting, but heavier than hand weights!) as well as being a tai chi instructor. When I realized that my hypermobile joints were affecting me more than I thought, I ditched the weights until my shoulders and spine became more stable. I find these gentle exercises to be amazing for recovering from instability, but I would love to get back to more rigorous exercise someday, especially for weight loss. (For reference, I've been getting back to "normal" for about four years now, after a lifetime of small injuries and a major spinal compression issue in 2018, after working out daily and always doing decompression stretches every morning) Has anyone tried alternating between weighted workouts and stabilization? Like weights 3 times a week, stabilization in-between? I'm okay with developing a "new-normal," but my body craves more rigorous movement after all this time!

Posted by Deleted (e95d6103) at 2022-01-14 21:43:40 UTC