Hello all! I’ve been using the app now for I think a few weeks, I have been focusing on the gentle sleep fatigue and mindfulness classes thus far & I am beginning to venture into some of the other classes. My question is, it seems like there are more classes targeted towards the shoulders which is a problem area of mine but I was wondering if working on the shoulders helped with elbow, forearm, wrist pain? Essentially I am globally hyper mobile but my biggest issues are in my entire upper body and pretty much everything I do, both for fun and for work requires the use of my hands so I’m wondering if anyone has found some pain relief and increased function with their elbows and wrists and hands by doing all of the classes or from the shoulders classes? Thanks so much in advance for any information, input and help!

Posted by Deleted (e123f711) at 2022-11-13 20:31:20 UTC