I have been having a ton of pain behind my left #shoulder and #armpit for several weeks. It causes numbness and tingling when really bad and wakes me up at night. I’ve been slowly and gently going through the Classes and Programs for these areas, along with the neck, pelvis, etc. I know that I am supposed to #stretching less, which is SO HARD. I realize that I unconsciously stretch different parts of my body dozens of times a day and am trying to be more conscious to relax and stabilize instead. Pain is usually a trigger. I am going to my gentle chiropractor this afternoon to see if I can get a little more relief. Any input is very much appreciated. P.S. - This is the side of my body where I have received more of my vaccines over the last few years. It seems that this is causing inflammation???

Posted by mischascookin at 2022-11-14 21:04:02 UTC