Hi there. I know something was recently mentioned about #mobilitydevices and #canes, but I can’t seem to bring anything up on a search. I need to fly next week, and am concerned about stability. TSA has confirmed that I am not allowed to bring #trekkingpoles in the airport or in a #carryon, because of the carbide tip, even with the rubber tip installed. She explained that I could bring a #cane, because there is no sharp tip underneath the rubber. Any suggestions for a #walkingstick (preferably an upright handle, which is what I’m used to with trekking poles), that is light and can be collapsed while on the plane? Thank you so much! **Another idea… Has anyone removed the carbide tips from their trekking poles, added a rubber tip and used these through security at the airport? #travel #flights

Posted by mischascookin at 2022-11-15 18:55:59 UTC