Hey, What is your opinion on cracking/unblocking joints? Jeannie's opinion on this would certainly be very interesting too. Should it be avoided because the ligaments become even more loose? I only release blockages if I have to and I don't force it. The blockages also give a certain stability and the body sets them up as protection.. By working on my deep stability and my breathing with the help of TZC, I also have blockages much less often and feel less immobile and tense. My muscles on the surface don't have to do "the work" alone anymore. Sometimes they release on their own trough a movement in my daily routine. I used to do this quite intensively on my cervical spine as it felt comfortable and feel that this has led to some slight instability over the years. But that is just my personal experience.

Posted by dennis.beer at 2022-11-18 19:38:55 UTC