Hi! I have a few tech questions that I could use some help with. I have the ZC app on 2 devices. 1 is my newish phone and when I use my phone to try to access the YouTube videos it always says they are not available, but my phone usually does youtube just fine. Additionally if I try to stream from my phone to Chromecast the audio is intermittent (that doesn't happen with any other app). I put the app on my oldish tablet and YouTube videos are accessible and audio is fine, BUT I started getting messages that I'm running an old version of android that won't be supported for long. I checked for software updates and there are none, just updated in October. Any ideas how to fix these problems? I don't want to buy new devices, but I don't want videos/streaming to become unaccessible to me.

Posted by marybear at 2022-11-19 15:56:44 UTC