Has anyone else had terrible reactions to bouquets of flowers? I want to make a post as I've had the most horrible day. I've been staying at my mothers now for 2 months and it's been hell. They don't understand my chemical sensitivity or my eds. I have tried to reason with them and explain but its like it is just too inconvenient for them to stop using chemical products. Today was the worst day yet. My sister bought flowers from the supermarket into the house and I simply couldn't get air into my lungs, I couldn't figure out what was causing it? I walked in the park with my son and things improved but when I came back the reaction happened again. I wasnt sure if it was mould on the flowers but after I googled cut flowers and reactions, I realised that it was the vast quantities of pesticides they are sprayed with and how dangerous they are for anyone. I had to beg my mother to put them outside so I could breathe. Here is a link to information regarding the extreme pesticide levels on cut flowers: https://www.naturphilosophie.co.uk/a-bouquet-of-pesticides-the-dark-side-of-flowers/

Posted by rosannavioletta1 at 2022-11-19 21:21:38 UTC