Is there a way to stop myself from hyperextending my knees? I am obviously working through the classes and I'm managing to do something almost every day, which is great, but is it just a question of taking on board the methods while strengthening the muscles and working on proprioception, or are there any other ways I can reset bad habits? Specifically, I spent a long time on my feet yesterday helping kids do an activity and after a while, I spotted that I was standing on hyperextended knees, which was causing leg pain. I now have to walk for about half an hour downhill, then back up again an hour later. I know I tend to walk quite fast and hyperextend my knees in the process, which isn't deliberate and I struggle to stop it happening (unless I wear a tight knee-length skirt!!). What can I work on to train me out of this habit and how can I repair the strained muscles when I have accidentally been hyperextending, so I don't spend the rest of the week wishing I'd driven down there instead? Thank you

Posted by Caroline G at 2022-11-21 09:27:44 UTC