Hello! I’m 36 years old and have hEDS, borderline POTS, dysautomnia, asthma and an underactive thyroid. My BP has recently been creeping up, no doubt due to family history and de-conditioning. I really don’t want take medication but am struggling to work out how I can incorporate cardio safely into my life to try and manage my BP. As well as hypermobility, particularly in my pelvis, the issues are that I become tachycardic very easily which is tiring, as well as sweating excessively (which they’ve been unable to control even with medication) and poor thermoregulation meaning I massively overheat. I’m trying to work out how I can do any cardio without setting off a whole other heap of problems! Any suggestions?

Posted by helengreen at 2022-11-22 13:25:13 UTC