Hi , I’m new to TZC . I’m from New Zealand and 58 yrs old . I was diagnosed maybe 10 years ago but didn’t really understand it back then as I already had ME/CFS diagnosis . Now I know it’s a common Comorbidity . I have been diagnosed with a hip labral tear by a guy that seemed to know about Eds . The thing is another lady sports dr diagnosed si joint dysfunction and she had sent me to him questioning fusion of si . He said that the injection used to diagnose si joint will go everywhere and isn’t a great diagnostic . She had given me a hip anesthetic injection and it hadn’t helped , his one did . I also have deep gluteal syndrome and it drives me nuts . He says he can fix the labral tear but I’m worried about my recovery . Has anyone got any experience to share ?

Posted by jilldiprose1 at 2022-11-24 01:35:17 UTC