I just got the app 2 days ago as a present to myself. Looking forward to taking my life back! I am 53 yrs old with hEDS and use to be very fit and muscular, but have been in a downward spiral for the last 10 years. The injuries and pain started adding up ( i am sure my hormones have something to do with it, plus my stationary job), and i have become quite deconditioned due to chronic shoulders and hips subluxations, SI joint extreme instability, rotatory levoscoliosis, ribs subluxing, collar bones, CCI, etc. Still working full time, and spending at least 1 hour a day trying to put my body back in alignment, by the time i am done there is no energy left to work out! And there is no point trying to rebuild my muscles when my joints are out or i will just injure myself more. Uugh! I am thankful i have an expert manual therapist who helps me tremendously twice a week. I have always been very pro-active in taking care of myself and do everything possible to keep my body in balance. I think this app and videos will be perfect and exactly what i need!

Posted by Veronique1 at 2022-11-24 17:57:01 UTC