Hi everyone, looking for any ideas as to what may be causing leg weakness for me. I have hEDS, dysautonomia, gastroparesis, scoliosis in two places, spondylolisthesis, and some heart issues (possible POTS as well as fairly regular palpitations). Every time I go down stairs, my legs shake pretty hard, though the extent of the shaking varies. My physical therapists were convinced it was deconditioning, but after months of PT my legs still shake when they’re doing weight-bearing work. I don’t tend to have problems just standing or walking, but anything like going down stairs or squatting motions sets the shaking off. I recently had brain scans that showed no abnormalities in either the structure of my brain or the blood vessels. I’m really worried something may have been missed by my care team that could eventually cause me to lose mobility completely. Any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated!

Posted by kmrankey at 2022-11-24 20:31:26 UTC