I'm going for my flu jab in a couple of days and it got me thinking about Covid boosters and vaccinations. My daughter who is 8 has awful fatigue, she hasn't had the vaccination but I'm fearful of if she was to contract covid, the chance of getting long covid on top of her fatigue would be So bad!. My husband's not keen for her to have the jab although I'm not sure why exactly, and she doesn't meet the criteria to get it on the NHS anyway at the moment. So maybe why am I asking? I reckon I could probably get myself another booster if I register as a carer for her at they are currently only doing over 50s. Therr does seem to be more of it around again, supermarkets delivery man this evening was wearing a mask. They've started wearing masks in the local hospital again. I feel a mild panic rising in me again. The shadow of the last few years falls long and hard... To be honest these days I'm not especially worried about Covid, but I am very concerned about long covid, that on top of all the stuff I'm already dealing with is a scary prospect. Eds society doesn't put us in any higher risk, but I wonder if there is any higher chance of getting long covid if you already have MCAS and POTS/ dysautonomia - which seem to be often the symptoms of long covid anyway. I think I'm just interested in other people's experiences? Thoughts? About long covid? Is it weighing on anybody else's mind? 😘😘

Posted by rachaelr at 2022-11-24 21:47:06 UTC