Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster :) I'm after tips for setting up my mountain bike for riding without wrist pain. We got our bikes a couple of years ago, but I haven't ridden very much - partly thanks to POTS and fatigue, but also because my wrists hurt so much that when I do ride, I can't do it for more than 20 mins. At the moment, we mostly ride on concrete, and we want to do gentle cycling, mainly level, gravelled rail and park trails. We got mountain bikes for the shock absorption, as I have joint and SI issues and my partner has a genetic form of arthritis, so anything medium-core and above is off the table. I've done a little google searching, and think my best options are getting a seat that can be adjusted to a more forward position over the pedals (my current one can't, and is quite far back) and looking at alternatives for the handlebars (currently the straight, standard mountain bike kind). This should change my wrist position, and put me in a more upright position with more weight going through my trunk and less on my wrists. When I went to look for seats and handlebars, there are a dizzying array of options. What's worked for you? Have you made any other mods to your bike that helped? For the seat, I'm after recs for overweight riders with very wide hips and sit bones (my sit bones go over on some "wide" seats, feels like the seat is wedging my pelvis apart :/)

Posted by Deleted (b7a535b4) at 2022-11-26 09:24:10 UTC