Hi All. Another couple of #newmembers questions if I may?! I’ve just been going through the foundations. In relation to the cat stretch, I hold my hands up to putting weight through my hands and pushing my back up too much, didn’t think anything of it until watching, although I don’t lock my elbows. However, when I tried doing it resting more on the sides of my palms and not pushing my back up as far, it feels uncomfortable and like I’m putting more strain through my arms and shoulders. I also don’t feel much of a stretch through my back. Should I continue doing it the way I’ve always done it (but not pushing so much weight through my arms to push my back up) or should I persevere the way Jeannie shows you? Also, how do the community incorporate the zebra club classes into their existing routines? Do you combine the classes with your existing activities or concentrate solely on the zebra club? I’m uncertain whether I should continue using my stationary bike, light weights (for for my upper body) and swimming plus adding in some zebra club classes or if just doing the zebra club classes is best. I think one of my main aims is to increase my relaxation skills to desensitize my nervous system. In all honesty I don’t really want to give up my existing activities because I enjoy doing them gently but I’d be interested to know how the rest of you approach your activity/exercise. Many thanks. I’m already enjoying being part of this community. The support is just what I needed. 🙏🏻

Posted by sue78 at 2022-11-26 12:15:10 UTC