Out of alignment hip. 😕 I had a period of limping about 3 years ago and since then the hip on the side that I put my weight on has been wonky. I have had periods when I have managed to get it back in place ( thigh bone pops back into place) and alot of my body-wide pain reduces alot/disappears when this happens. It always pops out of place again though. When it’s out I kind of limp over the thigh bone that is out. I had one chiropractor yank it back into place a few times, but this was very «violent» and it always popped back out. How do I figure out whether it may be a labrum tear? Do many hypermobile people have this? How have you managed or fixed this? TIA!

Posted by Grethe H at 2022-12-02 10:24:41 UTC