Just wondering, is it normal for my joints to creak and pop when I'm doing the exercise videos?! I did the Controlling the Shoulders one for the first time today. I didn't go anywhere near the edges of my range of movement and didn't do all the reps but even so, it was very crunchy especially on rotation and abduction of the shoulder. Some of it is the shoulder itself but it also came from around the rest of my torso. It's the same on rotation and flexion of my ankles, which make quite loud clicks and clunks. Should I be listening to these noises and interpreting them as a request to stop what I'm doing or do something differently or should I ignore them them as they are painless? I'm sure it's all to do with muscle tightness and that it'll settle down as I progress over time, but thought I should check I'm not doing yet more damage!

Posted by Caroline G at 2022-12-05 09:28:25 UTC