Hello Everyone! I'm new and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Veronica and I'm 37 years old. I wondered if anyone else had pregnancy and/or delivery complications due to EDS or hypermobility? Was anyone else told to not have any more children? I was told that my last pregnancy/delivery (C-section) was messed up/had complications and that I should not have any more children. I have two children, both girls, aged 28 months and 5 months. The OBG-YN that performed my C-section said that she was sure I had hypermobility and that I should get diagnosed. She said that it looked like my stomach muscles gave up and were stretched beyond what they could bear and the way my stomach moved around when going from lying on my side to my back while pregnant was not normal. When I would roll onto my back from lying on my side, my stomach would stay completely flopped to the side and if I wanted it to move it up I'd have to pick the whole thing up and move it. She also said that in her 38 years of practice that she'd never seen a case like mine when having to perform a C-section. I was on standby to get an emergency hysterectomy but she was able to get my baby out without having to do that to me. I am trying to get a diagnosis but it's been impossible so far. My Rhumatologist and Geneticist referrals were both rejected, the former because they said they didn't deal with this issue and the latter because they were too busy. My primary care physician says he's not qualified to diagnose me and is trying to see if he can get advice on what to do from a hypermobility specialist named Dr.Linda Bluestein here in the US which is where I am based. He said that from what he read, he is supposed to first rule out that I don't have a bunch of other syndromes/health issues and then if I don't have any of those, then to turn and look into EDS...He said he doesn't want to put me through unnecessary tests and order unnecessary tests and isn't sure how to tackle it all. Did anyone get a diagnosis from their primary care physician? Two other things. I got diastasis recti from the second pregnancy and the physical therapist said my muscle separation in the stomach is 4x what it's supposed to be and that she thinks that because of my suspected hypermobility. And finally, the podiatrist I went to see for my bunions said that my feet are extra fluid and that is what's causing the bunion problem and that it will just get worse and worse over time and that there's nothing I can do about it except get surgery one day on both feet. There's more I could write but I already feel this is a very long post so I'll end it here. Thank you to whoever read all the way through! I heard of EDS for the first time just about 5 months ago so this still all feels very new to me. It seems like I have hypermobility if not EDS but until I get a diagnosis I don't know for sure. #newmember

Posted by vm9476 at 2022-12-07 21:03:34 UTC