*update:* First of all, i would like to say that my heart was overwhelmed with your suport and encouragement. Thank you all so much! I wanted to share a worry i have about my training in the Zebra club. I am in good physical shape, putting aside the pain, all the exercises feel very easy, and so in a way, i always feel like i didn't really work, had no impact. I am very aware of my body, and pay attention to all the nuances during the training, and mostly feel like i am in good control of the expected positions and movements. I do understand that the programs talks about less being more. But still i am left wondering, is it enough for my condition, aren't i supposed to challenge myself, is this felling of ease - expected? *** I am suffering. I probably have sciatic nerve pain. It's higher probability, as the doctor and osteopath say, but you know, nothing is for sure. I have also a back injury from teenage years and i am hypermobile. I gave birth 18 months ago and since then had a wonderful sports routine, training with body weight mostly, 3 days a week. Felt at my best. And then, 5 months ago the pain came, steadily and gradualy it became stronger. And i am at a loss. I was told to pay attention to my hypermobility and change the training to pilates. So i joined the zebra club and trying pilates, but i mostly wonder - can they really help? I feel helpless and hopeless.

Posted by Tonic at 2022-12-09 09:55:34 UTC