Hi everyone! Does anyone have experience with “coughing attacks” with GERD? I experience random coughing attacks/burning in throat sensations sometimes after meals and sometimes I get that same irritated burning sensation from vaping weed. Also sometimes random “safe” meals will trigger me too. Any tips on how to prevent those attacks and how to soothe flare ups? 🙏 Thanks for your help! Background info: I’ve been scoped by an ENT before and told that I have a lot of acid reflux. I tried omeprazole last year but it made me feel worse so I haven’t tried a PPI since. I do take tums occasionally but I mostly rely on DAO and ginger supplements. I also deal with MCA and dysfunctional breathing patterns; I wonder how much those issues effect the GERD attacks. I take quercetin and loratadine daily for MCA.

Posted by Deleted (8f76f655) at 2022-12-12 16:13:07 UTC