Posture... When you're first becoming more aware of your posture how much do you work on it through the day? I am a sloucher, it is more comfortable, it takes less work. It does restrict my breathing though and I now believe is part of what causes some of my anxiety symptoms and tension. I'm trying to sit better and fix it when I notice I'm slumped over but I'm finding it to be very tiring and it's making me sore. Is this just something that will come with time as I go through the classes and get stronger? What has been your experience with this? The one thing I HAVE noticed a nice improvement in even in the short time I've been in Zebra Club is my shoulder position. My shoulders aren't permanently living up by my ears anymore. When I was in physical therapy my PT was constantly on me about my shoulders being by my ears but I just could not manage to keep them down.

Posted by SunRise42 at 2022-12-12 23:46:40 UTC