Maybe you can all help me find the language for what I experience? I've plainly told many medical people all the things but they seem not to notice I've spoken lol. Can you rephrase/recontextualize so I can better find support pls? ------ WHAT I SAY ------ About 2 yrs ago, I hyperextended by cervical spine during sleep (I curl into a ball using my upper arms as earmuffs). That triggered equilateral trigeminal nerve pain that involved tightness across my clavicle, some shoulder joint pain, and intermittent fingertip shocks. Heat helps. PT hurt. A lot. Or did nothing. The pain is mostly gone but that area of my back is still sore and is now clicky where it wasn't before. The other thing is a clicking left hip/SI joint that's triggered by bending backwards/lifting leg back. That intermittently compresses a nerve that causes numbness down my thigh that's relieved by curling forward. ------ END ------ So. Thoughts? I'm looking for someone to work with me, hands-on, as my body changes. That's happening fast these days. My goals are to keep strength and stability and counter-strengthen weak areas. Thank you in advance

Posted by Ono Miko at 2022-12-13 19:02:48 UTC