I’m hoping someone has experienced the same as me here, because I’m absolutely desperate. I’ve got really awful problems with my tendons- it started when I used to run as shin splints that just don’t go away, and the cold makes them worse. I’m having shockwave therapy to treat it because they’re so inflamed, it’s now causing bone inflammation too. I’m now also having the same problem in my forearms, from my wrist to my elbow, and it’s so painful just doing everyday tasks. I think it’s because my muscles are so bloody tight/braced all the time, and they’re just putting unnecessary strain on tendons and bone to compensate. Is this a hypermobility thing or just my body thing? I’ve tried searching on groups and haven’t found anything (could be me spelling things wrong?). Has anyone found anything that eases this? Especially anything that can work on the move?

Posted by simplepretzel at 2022-12-14 22:59:55 UTC