I listened to the meet up with Dr Bluestein yesterday. It was amazing to hear a medical professional validate a lot of the reasoning I've come to with my own thoughts, especially around topics that aren't discussed in relation to EDS elsewhere. Her thoughts on exposure to cold to increase one's comfortable temperature range was fascinating to hear as it's something I have experimented with. Her thoughts on HRT, MCAS, meditation and mindfulness and it being hard to tell if a change is definitely helping all agreed with my personal thoughts and experiences. It was very helpful to get this validation. There was only one area I disagreed (just to prove we're all different!) and that was with shoes needing to have arch support and cushioning. I'm an advocate of barefoot minimal support shoes which have definitely helped me, if only for the properception of feeling the ground. I have gained so much from TZC, this meet up being just one example. I'm lucky enough to have weekly one to one pilates sessions with a knowledgeable teacher but it always helps me to hear very similar information from @jeanniedibon told in a different way that helps instill the message. My teacher has also taken on board movements from TZC too! Thank you so much everyone and especially Jeannie, have a lovely Christmas and happy snd healthy new year. Xx

Posted by rachelt at 2022-12-18 12:05:17 UTC