Hi all. I’m new. Here from California. I’d love to know how y’all approach the program. Background: I found this group through Jeannie’s appearance on Bendy Bodies podcast when she described my exact experience (athletes whose bodies go haywire after an injury or trauma or athletes hitting a pain wall). I’m 53, was always fit and with a range of intense physical activities from classical ballet as a child to running to 25 years of yoga asana practice to CrossFit in my 40’s. Several years ago joint injuries and surgeries began to pile up, and finally in 2019 I had repair surgeries on both hips. After that it was like I was dropped into somebody else’s body. I’ve been trying to “get back to myself” since early 2021 but i now think there is no “back” there’s only forward but I don’t know the way. I was diagnosed with hEDS in 2021, and I have many of the comorbidities. My biggest challenge now is rebuilding my body from the ground up. I’m blessed to still mobile and strong but have constant flare ups, injuries and set backs. The idea of rebuilding starting from my nervous system makes a lot of sense. Although I worry about further deconditioning. I’d love to hear how some of you use the programs and classes? How do you schedule your movement? Did you just start at the most gentle classes and progress or did you/ do you mix and match?

Posted by Deleted (19f3aac8) at 2022-12-20 15:11:37 UTC