I’d be interested to hear from anyone who hit menopause, felt their body was falling apart, and only then realized they’ve been hypermobile all along. (Hand raised.) I believe a strong link will eventually be found between hormone changes and connective tissue. Here’s the thing though. While most of my comorbidities also got worse (migraine, Raynauds, new sleep apnea, skin issues, GI issues), my lifelong tendency to black out with rapid standing suddenly disappeared. One and only time I passed out cold was in my 40s, but after menopause, nothing. (No idea if POTS or OI because I never took pulse or blood pressure.) Did anyone else experienced a reversal in POTS/OI with menopause? Know any specific research in menopause effects?

Posted by ClaireS at 2022-12-20 16:21:33 UTC